Micro Cement


What is Micro Cement?

Gulf Arab Crete Micro cement is a decorative Micro Topping and overlayment coating system composed of cement, polymers, adhesives, water-based resins, additives and mineral pigments that can be applied on a multitude of vertical and horizontal surfaces, thanks to its great adherence.

For contemporary looks, superior performance, and minimal maintenance the use of micro-cement is becoming increasingly popular in home, coffee shops, restaurants, malls, fashion stores, beauty salons, cinemas, airports, art galleries, offices and in hospitality sectors. It is a highly versatile and practical finish. Because micro-cement provides a continuous surface it does not require a substrate (in other words it can be applied over existing finishes like ceramic, marble, granite, concrete, wood, and metals), is non-slip and easily maintained. The final finish can be matt, glossy, polished, or textured. By adding color pigment different effects can be achieved such as mottled, uniform, metallic or even Venetian stucco.


Where can Micro Cement be applied?

It is customized, handmade, and infinite system. You can cover any surface with micro cement system like wet areas in bathrooms, kitchens, swimming pools, floors, walls, ceiling, interiors, and exteriors. Our high-quality protective sealing materials guarantee you a long-lasting beautiful finish. Whatever the surface to be covered with micro cement, at Gulf Arab Crete we care about the result. That is why, in our desire to achieve an optimal, versatile, and quality product that lasts over time and adapts to the needs of the market, we have achieved a balance between hardness and flexibility.

Why Apply Micro cement?

Micro cement advantages


Continuous cladding

Micro cement is a continuous decorative coating that does not need expansion joints and allows all surfaces to be joined with the same material, giving a clean, modern and homogeneous appearance to any surface. The seamless coating makes it easy to clean the surface. All that is needed is water and neutral PH soap.

Renovating without building waste

It is a material that allows renovations to be carried out without many wastes. It is advantageable for the professional to offer quick and clean works.

Micro cement is high resistance to impact and temperature changes.

Thanks to its sealing process, it is a decorative coating that can resist to shocks and scratches. It neither shrinks nor expands under temperature changes.

Renovating any surface

It does not need to remove the existing surface. The 3 mm thick micro cement layer can be applied on substrate without fear of peeling off. It is the best ally to create a new surface with a highly decorative value.

Flexible and abrasion resistant

It is a flexible decorative coating that has mechanical resistance in compression and bending. It does not crack over time. Micro cement is a material that is highly resistant to abrasion, wear and tear and UV rays.

Adhesion to all types of substrates

It offers great adhesion to all types of substrates, except wood. It is compatible with concrete, ceramics, plaster, stoneware and cement. The excellent adhesion allows it to be applied to any vertical, horizontal, rough or smooth surfaces.

Aesthetics without limits

The aesthetic possibilities are multiplied thanks to the variety of decorative effects and finishes it offers. It also provides a variety of colors and textures, and this makes it a material that guarantees beauty and modernity with which the other materials are difficult to match.

Versatile material

It is a very versatile cladding, as it can be applied to both interior and exterior surfaces, for example, floors, walls, bathrooms, kitchens, terraces, swimming pools and porches. There are no spaces or surfaces that can resist it. Gulf Arab Crete transforms any spaces into an exquisite and minimalist atmosphere.